Farmington Valley Certified Nurse’s Aide Program

This educational program will prepare the student knowledge to work at Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Adult Day Care, Senior Centers, Home Health Agencies, Home Care Agencies, Hospitals, Hospice Agencies and Police Departments in the local areas.

The course is 135 hour program: 99 hours Classroom, 36 hours Clinical experience.  Our hands on approach in the class room, supervised labs and clinical setting accommodates small classes with teachers that maintain extensive background in nursing education and clinical experience.  Our curriculum clearly articulates the core competencies required for the certification as nurse aide with a  focus on dementia care.   After completion of the course students will be prepared for the Connecticut state examination for certification, in addition to obtaining certification as a dementia care provider.  These certifications will prepare the students for employment in various healthcare settings such as hospital setting, private home, hospice, rehabilitation, nursing home, long term care facilities and assisted living facilities.

As part of the nurse aide program each student will have the opportunity to train on the state of the art equipment in supervised lab setting that is simulated hospital or home setting.  The student will learn how to make occupied and unoccupied beds with electrical or manual beds.  The student will learn how to provide personal care, via female and male manikins.  Student will become familiar with transferring patients and ambulating with patients with the use of assistive devise such as walkers, wheelchairs, Hoyer lift and Sara lift.  Students will learn how to toilet patients using bedpans, urinals, commodes.  Students will become proficient at 23 clinical skills required by the state of Connecticut to pass the state examination thru the equipment and educational support of teachers in the classroom and supervised lab setting.

In the classroom lessons will be provided via the use of flat screen televisions, smart board, which provides interactive learning experience that ensures lesson retention. The program days will be long day and students will be emerged in the environment of learning, lunch will be provide onsite to manage the time efficiently and reduce turn over.




Application for Farmington Valley CNA